SSP is a one-stop-shop for both local and foreign companies looking to better manage their businesses in Myanmar, by providing professional services in all aspects of strategy and operation. With relevant qualifications and experiences in the local market, we are here to help businesses solve problems and improve performance.

COO-Chief Operating Officer Services

All companies need Chief Operating officers, Senior Management Executives to ensure that daily operations are running efficiently, but many startup companies and organizations often put the COO position aside, thinking it is a costly role and executive leadership can share until the company becomes more successful. To solve this, we provide outsourced COO services with fractional or project basis in a more cost-effective way compared to a full-time COO for companies in Myanmar that have challenges to continue appointing a singular or dedicated position to address their operational needs. COO services can solve problems and develop the performance of company needs. If your operations have faced difficulty hiring a full-time COO, we are here to improve accountability & profitability through systematic structures and processes. COO service can bring benefits to any type of business that is not large enough to be able to support a full-time Chief Operating Officer.

• Startup Companies: need to make sure that operations are running smoothly and communicate with different departments to work together smoothly.

• Stagnant or declining businesses need to restructure their business model and implement changes to stay viable and relevant.

Areas of Expertise

Operational Assessment

Review your business operation and identify to improve both effectiveness and efficiency.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Identify customers' need and want, and tactical steps to put your product in their hands.

Strategic Planning

Mapping a strong vision for the future of your business and implementing the necessary action steps.

Organizational Development

Plan the future development of your most valuable resource.

Financial Management

Deep analyze the numbers and help your business improve both financial performance and cash flow.

Exit Planning

Develop a long-term vision for succession so you can exit your enterprise on your terms.

Management Consulting Services

In Myanmar, we are here to provide management consulting services to you in your company’s strategic, operational, and financial expertise needs. Our consulting practice supports local and international businesses, development organizations, and public sector entities in the strategic and tactical planning of their activities and initiatives in the country. In each engagement, we establish a project team including experienced consultants from SSP and key employees from the client’s organization to develop a structured approach and methodology for better local market understanding and delivery of effective solutions and recommendations.

• Business Planning: Developing a roadmap for the business which includes reviewing current capabilities, working on future business goals, and assessing available options and resources such as time, manpower, and money to achieve the desired outcomes.

• Market Assessment and Competitor Analysis: Often, companies need to review their strategic plan as the market keeps changing in such an uncertain time. Here, SSP offers a holistic review of the market landscape and assessment of competitors in terms of where the market could be moving, how the competitors are preparing to respond, and whether the client will be beneficial from such a change, or what the client can do to create a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors to stay ahead in the market.

• Market Entry and Route-To-Market Strategy: When a business plans to enter a new market be it a new territory or a new segment in the same territory, it is required to work on its new market entry strategy which includes forming partnerships and alliances, studying supply chain and logistics feasibility, developing digital and physical channels in marketing and distribution, etc. Our consulting service provides a one-stop solution for your Market Entry and Route-To-Market strategy planning needs.

• Project Feasibility Study: Capital intensive projects are required to do a thorough project feasibility study as any wrong assessment could lead to the failure of the project or could cost additional several million dollars more. Working with an experienced project feasibility study team from SSP could save time and money for the project owner and furthermore, we can also value add to senior project executives by providing suggestions based on our experience in the local environment.