Logistic service operator providing end to end logistics needs in Myanmar

The service provider covers the end-to-end logistics supply chain by offering services including warehouse management, domestic transportation, and end last mile delivery.


Social Commerce Marketplace for online retailers and shoppers

A Conversational Marketplace base on the concept of having a virtual mall where individual, micro, and small retailers can have their shopfronts and manage their stores online. We aim to support live streaming sales via social media and the digitalization of women-led online retailers by providing an online platform in addition to the existing social media channels.

Benefits for Retailers & Consumers


Shopping Plaza Concept

Your store will get innovative OWN WEBSITE SPACE, thus, will be reachable to more potential viewers for NEW CUSTOMERS and will be able to ENHANCE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE for your existing customers.


Live Streaming Feature

Your store will be able to allow customers to view the products by themselves during LIVESTREAMING and customers can BUY INSTANTLY and PRIVATELY. Furthermore, our customer service team will simultaneously answer customer enquires during live sale.


Automated Check-out process

You will require LESS HASEL from managing in-store employees and NOT required to WORRY about employee shortage and other HR admin. Thus, you will be able to FOCUS More on Selling to generate income.


Customer service

Your customer will receive international standard customer care services and thus, your store’s will have BETTER BRAND REPUTATION, EFFICIENT CUSTOMER CARE and your store can achieve CUSTOMER LOLALTY.


Delivery Service

Your store will receive MANAGED DELIVERY SERVICE so that customer can receive the goods within 3-5 days. Therefore, it save TIME and in turns able to generate Higher sales volume.

Digital focused Content Producer

An online content creation firm which produces and distributes original content to digital consumers. Also partnering with different consumer brands and digital agencies for creating commercial videos and digital marketing content.